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Monday, January 30, 2012

lots to do this week, but not too worried... i semi-enjoy most of my classes this semester, work and reading for classes can just be really time consuming.

currently i am listening to band of horses. oldies but goodies. i really love his voice and their style.... it reminds me of summer and josh and the outer banks. some of my favorite things. i have the winter blues so listening to this is making me crave warmer weather even more... i have just decided to give up on a real winter this year since it has been semi-cold and semi-awkward-warm all season, which of course is not a good temperature because i just never know what to wear. so im just giving up and ready for spring. anyone with me on that?

so ive been playing with my camera lots inside and think im ready to show my favorite room in our little apartment- our bedroom. i like it best because it reminds me of our wedding, its eclectic, and the perfect combination of funky and serene and ive added lots of personal touches.

this is when you first walk in our room- old apartments have surprisingly big bedrooms. 
few things:
- headboard is from home emporium 
- linen duvet w/shams is from target
- the teal sham is from anthropologie
this is what is above our headboard.
the frame on the left is our vows (pinterest project)
the frame on the right is our first dance lyrics hung the moon by drew & ellie holcomb (my favorite) i cut a doily in the shape of a moon and tied yarn around it.

 here is the far wall from the first picture. the lantern is from our wedding that lined the aisles.
the floral art above is from a thrift store and super victorian. 

 window treatments can be pricey- i got these curtains from tuesday morning.
i made the curtain tie back from an old doorknob set. just washed it, painted it and 
josh screwed it in the wall. total was $6.
(notice the paper in the old window to keep the wind from knocking it against the wood at night- these windows are ollllddd!)
(heres an awful picture of it by itslef- couldnt get the lighting right)

a gift from his parents across the pond- we love it.

my side of the bed.... we love maps.
 this map is on the other side of the window.

turtle knobs on my nightstand.

this is the wall directly across from our bed. (closet & bathroom on the sides)
- home is where you are: urband outfitters
- the green turtle: joshs first christmas gift to me
- the art inside the brown frame: from paris
- made the j&a frame
-glued fabric inside matted part of the frame above the j&a

exiting the room is our bookshelf

 to the right of our bed., behind the entrance door.
i made the H out of fabric scraps.

again from home emporium- seriously can find some neat stuff in there.

voila! there is our bedroom. and here is our tiny bathroom:

i love decorating. i love going to a home that you actually want to be in. i think that is important. making a house a home doesnt have to be pricey either.

welp, gotta go do some homework... oh the joys of being a student.



  1. Ally, you really do have a flare for decor! Love the bedroom! I know you enjoy the room!
    Susan Vogler

  2. love it! that drew holcomb poster that you saw on my blog would fit in perfectly. don't know if you saw where i replied to your post but i've got an extra one of those posters and would love to send it to you! email me your address and i'll get that baby shipped to ya :) ecox820@gmail.com


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