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Friday, January 27, 2012

this week has been long but in a good way. tuesday was a special day. six months. thats how long weve been married. i do not know what to say. its gone by so fast and yet so slow all at the same time. its crazy... when we first got married i felt like we were playing house. like it was gonna go back to  dating and not living together. but it never did and now it just feels.... right, natural, normal, sweet. so we split snow crab legs and a couple sides at AW Shucks- so delcious. i love crab. and later we talked about what we wanted the next six months to look like. some goals. we have a lot ahead of us. josh is wading into high waters with student teaching. i am in school doing 18 credits. young life starts in february. but right now i am not scared. we are on the same page and know our limits and needs and everyday is a new day to wake up and learn to love each other and be selfless- some days are harder but were learning and i dont think that learning will ever stop.

we are also headed to EUROPE this may- a little 2nd honeymoon/graduation trip to see his parents- they live in Belgique (belgium that is) i am currently in french and trying so hard to learn- its hard even my french professor says. but it would not be possible if it werent for the amazing wedding gift from his parents. we really are so grateful and excited. no set-in-stone plans yet but paris is a definite and were exploring ireland too! josh is graduating and will be looking for a full time teaching job for next year! thats a big prayer that he gets one but we are totally trusting the Lord and his will and for him to lead us to exactly where we need to be.

big things coming up for this year.... and its a learning process. we are excited/nervous/happy and i am just so blessed to do this all with josh.

this year is rolling on into february and i am excited. excited for this unseasonably warm weather to turn into real warm weather. i feel loved lately. and it is so sweet.

weekly highlights:
saturday night hung out with girls most of the day and then had a little sleepover with my grassfield team- jess & janis-  after mrs.gfield. felt loved and so glad i have a female teammates again!

tuesday camel & tmot came over to bake a cake for shannons birthday. have not hung with them in a long time so it was sweet to catch up. sad i had class to go to instead of delivering the cake with them, but glad she was loved on a special day.

wednesday had birthday lunch with shannon camel and jess.

thursday hung out with katie hardy which is always delightful.

and thursday night abbey & mirmaid came over to help me study.... although we didnt get much of that done! mir surprised me with a cake. loved that thanks mirmir.

last night i got a ton of texts from some of my favorite people. they were at the all staff yl conference in orlando and drew & ellie holcomb were playing. recieved lots of texts and even more when they played our first dance song hung to moon. thanks so much megan, katie hackett, ryder & libby. LOVED THAT.
katie even sent me this special video:

sometimes i have a hard time loving myself. i am thankful for the people God placed in my life to remind me of how loved i am.... and i must remember that God loves me more than tenfold that amount.

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