goodbye 2011.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

last week we visited our family in western virginia- his side. we left thursday afternoon and drove to his grandparents house. then we stopped by his grandmas house and ate dinner with her. it was a blessing to catch up with them and they were thrilled that we could stop by since we have not seen them since we left our reception. we then drove up to waynesboro and spent the day with his sister brotherinlaw and their little one year old, sweet emma. it was relaxing and so good to see them and spend some time with emma- she is growing up so fast. it was his sisters birthday saturday so im so glad we were able to spend some time with her and wish her a happy birthday in person! we even got to skype with his parents while we were there. family is important and i love my new family so much.... sometimes that doesnt happen when you get married but i know that i am so blessed and lucky to marry into such a sweet family.

we had planned to leave the following day to make it back to chesapeake to celebrate the new year with our friends, and were hoping to catch breakfast with the ryders before we got going. but the only way we would be able to see them is if we stayed another night. so we decided to visit them in harrisonburg. it was a great decision- although we missed our chesapeake friends we got to see the jake and ben fleming (two of the funniest brothers i know) kristin (known her since 1st grade) and spend some time with the ryders.

the ryders are very dear to us. they married us this summer and it was incredibly special to be married by ryder and for libby to read scripture as well. they are mentors and dear friends. and have been so encouraging throughout our dating, engagement, and marriage process. not to mention their daughter ava is one of the sweetest little girls we know. we went bowling with them and had so much fun. it was boys vs girls but as libby states in her post. the boys underestimated us for sure. we were good- even little aves. we ate pizza and watched orange county with ben fleming and the ryders. apparently a really funny movie i missed out on in the early 2000s. josh says finding four people who randomly all love that movie is rare. what is even more rare is that their tv movie selection had it. perfect. it was super funny.

one of the sweetest things was hearing ava talk and ask questions, and mostly when she prayed before she ate and said "dear jesus" in the smallest little toddler voice. my heart melted. it was great to catch up with them and see their place and just spend some time with a married couple. they are so intentional with us and ask so many questions about how were doing. they get us. i love that. i feel so loved when were with them.

we also went to church with them sunday morning and heard the VP of young life international speak. it was really cool because josh and i have been considering international ministry. although thats a ways off and were not really sure what we are going to do or where well be in the next couple years. but it just put the idea even more on our minds. we are also hoping to speak with some area directors and leaders when we visit europe next year. (more on that later perhaps...)

its been a sweet break so far. we go back to school monday. well i do. josh is student teaching this year and doesnt know when hell start yet. im not really sure if im ready. i guess ready as ill ever be...

**heres some pics of new years eve... i stole them from libbys blog click here to see more on her blog.**

thanks ryder family for an impromptu visit. we loved it so much.


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