the little drummer boy.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

josh and i went to christmas town last night. i loved it. theme parks arent really joshs scene but it was definitely really different this time of year. the lights were absolutely beautiful. seriously. but im not so sure it was all worth it. it just made me want to be in europe- the real europe- and see the lights of paris all lit up or go to a real german christmas market. i think know one day we will do that though.

one day well have real pictures...

on the way home we listened to christmas music and drank starbucks drinks. mine was soy and just was not the same... maybe its in my head. anyways. the little drummer boy came on. the good version from the original claymation movie. i turned it way up and soaked it in. the song gives me chills and really makes me think.

the lyrics get me.

baby Jesus,
I am a poor boy too.
I have no gift to bring,
thats fit to give our King.

thats us. thats humans. that is why the Christmas miracle- the birth of Jesus- from a virgin- is so so so unexplainably beautiful. God- full knowing that humans have absolutely nothing fit to give Him- the King-comes down both fully God and fully human and takes us anyway. the begining of this clip, the man calls aaron, the little drummer boy, a ragamuffin [a poor, ragged disreputible person] that is what we all are. and Christmas is all about the fact that we have a God that loves us so much that he would send his son- himself- in the form of a little baby whos fate is to one day die and feel the entire weight of the world and all of our sins on his shoulders. all for us. how beautiful. and the little drummer boy goes before the King- little baby Jesus- and offers what he has. and in the end it says (talking about baby Jesus) "then he smiled at me." and thats the beauty of Gods grace. that we have nothing fit to give the King of Kings- yet he is pleased with his creation anyways.

i love love love that.

so i hope and pray that this holiday season will remind you of the grace and kindness. the fact that LOVE came down and conquered death for us. the Birth is the reason why we celebrate. celebrate the fact that your soul is alive because this little baby was born for you.

merry christmas from us both.


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