Friday, December 23, 2011

so its really warm out  the past few days. i love nice weather. but not at christmas time. i love the holidays. the smells. the lights. the hot cocoa. and especially the decor is my favorite. but this weather is killing me. i cant even wear boots its so warm. but my home looks like christmas so ill just go with that. ive had my home decorated since thanksgiving week. and since i still have this old computer and cant find my photo card adapter (hence no honeymoon pics yet) i decided to take a few pictures with my fancy smancy camera phone... okay my phone is no where near fancy and takes pretty awful pics but its better than nothing right?...

trader joes furn tree. i saw waterless snow globes on anthro and decided to make my own. i couldnt find trees so i used pinecones. and thought of making a snowman and candy cane heart on my own.

(i realize how blurry this pic is...sorry) this is our tree. yup. got it from the craft store. i think we improvised well.

here it is at night. i love it.

i LOVE christmas cards.

christmas isnt the same without cookies- and these are so good. his moms recipe.

we went pine cone picking one weekend.

i love vintage christmas tins. i get that from my mom.

 so thats most of our christmas apartment. i love it. it feels like home to me. a few things.

1. to make the snow globes i just hot glued cotton balls, pine cones, candy canes, and made a snow man and glued it all to the bottom of the lid. voila.
2. those cookies are to die for. but im not sure if it is a family recipe. so ill share if im allowed to one day. theyre a crowd pleaser!
3. katie hardy and i sewed stockings. yup. its true. here they are up close:

mine on the L and katies on the R.

cute right? i have been LOVING the neutral christmas houses ive seen on pinterest. so i decided that id make stockings. it was hard at first. but i LOVE the finished product. id share my "secrets" with you but honestly there are none. we just kind of did it. and it turned out pretty okay id say. i am hoping to get a sewing machine soonish. i find so much joy in making things. i think thats Gods character coming out in me...

were off to christmas town tonight at busch gardens. we found coupons and i found some extra work to pay for our visit... oh i cannot wait! i love christmasy things like that!


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  1. love it, ally! your stockings turned out really cute and I LOVE the itty bitty tree!


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