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Thursday, December 15, 2011

were in the midst of finishing up exam week. its not that crazy. its just long and mundane and i have microeconomic equations running out of my ears. were more than ready for this semester to be over and to enjoy the break. i love christmas time. by far one of my favorite times of the year. im ready to start some christmas traditions with each other and to be still and silent and not have fifty to-dos for school running through my mind. i like to-dos. they keep things interested and keep me from boredom. what i dont like is the to-dos i dont ever want to do. like homework, papers, and going to the bank. and so im ready to relax. craft some things up. watch its a wonderful life. drink hot cocoa-even if its 68 degrees out right now- bake cookies. and just enjoy each other.

exams will be over for me at 645 tomorrow night. i think it will take that long for this one, but after im home free. the pressure is on me though right now. i have straight As so far. i dont mean to brag. but i will anyways. this semester was hard. tough classes with a lot of work. especially microecon. i have a B in the class right now. i want an A desperately. it is possible which scares me. i dont want to let myself down. which is crazy because i was just trying to get a C in this class at the start of the semester. (its an extremely hard class.) so a B is a miracle in itself. but I want straight As. so we will see.

tuesday i cut my hair. i mean cut cut. 12 inches. i had been thinking about it for a while. but kinda chicken and unsure. my friends formed teams- team short and team long. cutting your hair isnt a big deal- but it was for me. ive never liked my hair short. 9for the record, its not even short. its technically midlength. but compared to my old hair, its short) i did it. i donated it. i like it. i won't say i love it. but i do like it. just getting used to it. it feels god i will say that. no more nappy rats nest knot clumps in the back of my hair. it feels healthy and i like that.

off to study. sorry for the mundane post about exams and hair. i have a lot to share but too much on my mind to be really clear about it.

matts in the background.


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