Monday, December 19, 2011

[well... done for now at least...]

we finished our finals and are now in down time. well, were working all week, but thats all and that is pretty "down" for us. i must admit it has not sunk in. i came home the past couple days and the thought "what homework tonight?" runs through my head. and then there is also no young life stuff for the next couple weeks. so i keep asking josh "wait. we really have nothing to do tonight?..." its true. we dont.

oh what JOY.

seriously. we are loving it. but i have let something steal my joy the past couple days. the fact that i didnt get those straight As i had hoped for so desperately. i got a B in microecon. im crazy. that class worked me so hard and most people- even business majors- fly by with hardly a C. i got a B. and that is insane for a non-math minded history major. i accomplished a really big hurdle. and now im not going crazy excited like buddy the elf when he finds out santas coming. its funny how we let things do that. we accomplish something and its not good enough. we get something and its not god enough. we are constantly letting this world, comparison, ideas, and other people steal our joy. i didnt get straight As. who cares? whats an A in microecon to me? i passed with flying colors, worked extremely hard, and feel quite accomplished in the fact that i didnt just memorize the questions and answers, but i actually have a fairly good concept of the course. i even think in economic terms now. like weighing my "opportunity costs" and saying things to people like "whats the marginal benefit?" kinda bugs me and then again kinda makes me feel smart. i got a B. and that is just right for me.

so note to self: "self- stop letting this steal your joy."

honestly- think about how often you do it, and it will scare you. im learning each day that my life is what it is. im living, breathing, have a husband who loves me enough to wake up early with me to help me get ready for work even though he doesnt work until later, a beautiful home in historic ghent, parents and in laws who love me dearly, and a  God who loves me enough to get down on my level and die for me.

what is your "this" ? whats stealing your joy?

JOY. find it in this season. and dont let anything steal it.

i found this on pinterest a while back and 
was reminded of it as i wrote this post


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