spring break.

Friday, March 11, 2011

so this spring break turned out to be really different than expected... my bestest friend cail and i got dates confused when we were talking about her coming down. which is kinda funny... so she will be arriving sunday and i am so so so so excited!!! she is the best and has been SO helpful with everything, couldn't have picked a better moh.
anyways, so last friday i dropped josh and matt off at the airport. i must admit i cried, not because he was leaving for a week (lets be real, thatd be dumb & dramatic) but because planes freak me out and the fact that he was flying over the ocean freaked me out- mind you my favorite tv show is LOST.- so i was scared. they landed safely though so i was scared and probably dramatic for nothing.... still afraid for the way back though. so i have been hanging out with our friends non-stop and it has been so much fun. kinda weird because im used to josh being there, but i love that i get to hang out with the best people in the world all week. that friday night we went to bluegrass night at a local bbq place and alex jorgenson was here... which only meant one thing, hilarious. did the entire restaurant sing happy birthday to me? yes. it was seriously such a great night. the tech and jmu people are back too which makes it super fun... katie, becca, shannon, and queeny = my favs. and jess gump is officially back and our new female leader, and i just love spending time with her.like, LOVE it. ive never felt more loved by a group of individuals like the people here in chesapeake. tuesday night was a joke too. we tried to prank the boys and failed miserably, but only because we felt so bad lying to them. if we were heartless, it definitely would have worked. but were not- and some of us cried, and some of us laughed (katie m) yesterday was also the best. crafting day with a sick katie hackett and helping becca with her club talk. it was so relaxing. dinner with katie hackett and a really good conversation with her about some stuff that has plagued my thoughts lately. i have learned a lot this week. so so much. i learned that i do not need josh around to have a good time in chesapeake. not that i thought that before, but he has always been around when i am so i finally got to test that theory. i have learned that i am seriously so blessed. it is incredible how much i take for granted here. i love my friends. and i thank God so much for them all, they are all so unique and thoughtful and it is just the best to be here and be loved. i can honestly say that for the first time in a long long time, i love living in chesapeake. and that is a big statement for me.

also, on the wedding front: greg from mens warehouse is the best. he has been so helpful and quick. the suits and ties are in. now we need shirts... so much to do, so much to do. & even more exciting news? I GOT MY DRESS & IT IS PERFECT. oh and whats that? more exciting news? I GOT MY SHOES & THEY ARE PERFECT. my dad said to me the other day at lunch, "wow, only 4 & 1/2 months left." inside i said "WWWHHAT?!?" this time flies. my advice? savor every moment, even the sucky guest list ones.

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