Monday, March 28, 2011

so this past weekend i met up with some of the most beautiful girls in the world in knoxville TN. i cannot describe how much fun it was and how relaxing it was. we had no agenda. what-so-ever. i drove to jmu met megan, we drove through blacksburg got katie  then finally met kaylee in knoxville. im sure youre wondering- why knoxville. none of us are from there or have ever been there. it is the "halfway" point between butler and jmu. so kaylee and megans traveling dads got us a couple hotel rooms for two nights in the city. it was the best even with katies acl torn. we brought all our stuff into the hotel before going out. hummm... wheres allys purse? oh probly in the car. NOPE. katie: "did you grab it from my door before we left tech?" NOPE. so i have to bum money off sweet kaylee all weekend, but am gonna mail her a check. that was kinda funny but i felt so dumb. josh would say that is pretty typical for me... which is so true. i forget everything. so we were driving friday night to go find a restaurant around 8 and saw this theater and the sign said "Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors 3/25" WE HAVE TO GO. Kaylee quick pulls over and I run out across the street to check out times and tickets. The show starts at 9. so we go to market square grab a bite to eat. and see the best concert i have ever seen in my life. they were seriously so good and so cute on stage together. i recommend them to anyone. seriously. its this band and the husband and wife sing and they are so good. im a tad bit obsessed with Ellie. her voice has a bit of a rasp to it and it is so soothing. i love it. they sang my favorite song and i was so so so excited. i cried.... i cry more often lately then i wold like to. but it was so beautiful. buy their album... its worth it. plus i got to meet them after, which was the best thing ever. i was shaking and i was ridiculous. drew and ellie are Christian and sing at young life camps in the summer (happen to know they'll be at sharptop this summer... so jealous) they mean a lot to me.. for a few different reasons. so that made my night. plus grabbed some gelato on the way home... blackberry peach and mango. oh so good. the next day we sleep in... late. had breakfast buffet for lunch and then left for the second hotel. what should we do next? great cake bake? mmmkay. oh strawberry frosting is my favorite for sure. and the milk was awesome. we just hung out and then went to downtown grill & brewery for some dinner. gelato night #2? yes. so good. mango and pineapple. delicious. im working on a list of moments that were the best. ADA section? One Way Meg. it was so good.
ive decided that i love southern big cities. Nashville for Josh's sisters wedding a couple summers ago was awesome... i love line dancing. and knoxville was amazing too. i just love the vibe and feel. who knows, maybe the Lord will take us to a city one day. or Europe.
so i listen to classical music in the car all the time. really i do love it. i love it mostly because i dance in my head. i miss dancing- like ballet. i do it a lot with a lot of songs though. i want to worship by doing it. i really wish i had a big giant room where i could do it whenever without anyone watching. i wish i could afford lessons too. i hate running and typical working out... but i love dancing. thats what i want to do. so hopefully one day. josh says he would love that for me, and promised one day we can afford lessons. it was really sweet. for now though, dancing in my head will do.
sophomore girl bible study starts this Wednesday morning, and i am so pumped.

gelato. so good.
for some reason, i can only upload the gelato pic. so hopefully i can add some more pics later... of just check out my fb.


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  1. I listened to a song by them last night called "magnolia tree" and realized 1) mezz had me listen to it at summer camp 2) I LOVE THAT SONG and them!!!! You're right, they are the best :)


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