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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

yesterday was so warm.80 degrees. i wore my gauchos and a tshirt and sandals and it was so blissful. i was driving with the windows down and it smelt like summer. i knew it would not last long, today it is 50. but yesterday reminded me that in the midst of chaos, there is God. i know that is a weird analogy maybe, but i truly felt that. club last night was crazy. i was mad. i kept reminded myself things after club when we were cleaning up, but the anger was still there. i felt like club was chaos and it felt like running a stressful "event." the Lord totally moved though. we talked in leadership on sunday night about not using camp as a crutch for kids meeting Christ. i knew i needed to be bold. so after wendys i drove this girl home, and she has been heavy on my heart. there is a group of girls and i just love them so much. she was one of them and i asked her how she liked young life. she said it was one of the best things that has ever happened to her. after that crazy chaotic club that felt like organizing a cat parade, i needed to hear that. there is fruit. pray that she can come to camp. i am going to help her sell cards.
sunday was a great day. went to a church and after spent some really good time with my sis. which never really happens. she helped me register for forgotten items, and was really helpful. i loved that time with her and felt like we were sisters. thanks mom and dad for watching Jaydon and Savannah for a few hours. oh, so i have been craving warm krispy kreme donuts for over a week. so Josh took me there before leadership. i dont think he had ever been. it was so cool to watch the donuts get made. and the   "hot now" sign was one, so as soon as they were glazed they got put into our box. it melted in our mouths. i loved that mini-date so so much. its the small stuff like that that remind me to relax. we will probably hit the factory up much more now too. i mean, its open until 11 and until 1 on fridays and saturdays. what more could we want?
heres some pics: WARNING: this may get you craving.
okay so not the most attractive picture of us, but oh well :)

this makes me hungry.

the donut factory and reflection of the hot now sign... yummm


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