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Saturday, January 8, 2011

i am sorry followers for not posting in literally over a month. i wonder if anyone will even check this its been so long. to be honest, i have not felt like blogging, and if i did i was not near a computer or did not have the time to. so here it is- life as i know it since my last blog post.

the holidays were wonderful. Josh and I went up to his sisters house and stayed with them for the week before Christmas. It was wonderful to see everyone, especially his parents. We played another round of buzz word and this time team Kait, Ally, Josh, and Steven (the nonparent team) won! (thanks Steven- MVP for sure) It was so great to be there and take a little break from chesapeake. We got to meet our little niece Emma too! She is the sweetest! We went back Christmas Eve and watched It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story at the NARO theater in Norfolk. It was so great- It's A Wonderful Life is definitely one of my favorite movies. Christmas here was great too- we got up pretty early to open gifts since we joined my sister with two three-year olds. It was a great week for sure.

For New Years, Josh joined my summer staff friends in the OBX for a little reunion. It was wonderful! So much joy is in the room when all of us from august are together. Words cannot describe how full i am from that weekend and how blessed i am that going to saranac in august was apart of my plan. thank you so much Jesus for bringing us together in august- i feel so loved. its unbelievable how much our summer staff group works well together and loves each other. i seriously wouldnt trade august for the world. missed everyone who couldnt make it- theres always next time though. we shared so many good memories together and when we rejoined all together it was like we never left. we didnt skip a beat. i loved it. so much- thank you so much God. your work in us and through us is astounding. thanks for my favorite planners (matt and katie)- it turned out so great.

here are a few pics (courtesy of matthew benson)
 waterfront... nice pic josh.
 waterfront girls 
 the bensons beautiful beach abode
 us. duh.
 all the good people have names that are or rhyme with allie.
 future male leader in the peake.
 obvi- i was scared.
us in our year.

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this christmas break has been rough. it keeps getting harder. so i ask for prayer. a lot of it. i cant explain everything thats going on- i can just tell you that im in-between a rock and a hard place. my prayer is that through all of the mess and weight of things, i want to catch a vision of what the Lord is trying to show me and what he is trying to make clear to me. i can tell you that i am learning to lean on christ more than ever right now- and i mean that. josh is learning too- so im sure that God has something in the wood-works for all of this mess- in fact i know He does. It is hard to learn patience to see what it is and hard to make His vision clear for me and for us right now. so thanks for 1)patience on this post 2) the prayer. i need it more than ever.


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