chai tea.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Josh and I love chai tea- but had a bad experience with it at starbucks today. we brewed it and after even 10 minutes it still tasted like water. it was gross- they gave us new ones but it was still gross. needless to say, i will not be getting chai tea from starbucks again. just stick with hot cocoa or white chocolate mocha and of course the holiday pumpkin spice latte.

well, this week has been.... weird. In my earlier post i mentioned we needed some deep prayer- how prayer works in mysterious ways. I, for some unexpected financial issues, can only take two classes this semester. I found this out last friday and it threw me a curve ball. I was, to say the least, upset. Really upset. I had to come to terms  with it, and although it is taking some time, I have already made a lot of progress. Josh, even in his frustration with the whole situation, keep me (and him) pointed to the Lord. He reminded me that the Lord puts us in situations for a reason, even if it seems bad. I know he is right, Jesus cares so much about me that even though this hurts, it is the best in the long run. So I am de-stressing (sort of) I am looking for a semi full time job. I am really really hoping and praying that the Lord would give me a job position as soon as possible. I want to use this time off of full-time student stuff to focus on Him and earn some cash for our future marriage. I have been in some desperate need of time to spend with Jesus and this is going to give me ample opportunity to do so. I am praying for patience and mostly discipline. I want to have sweet time with the Lord as I transition into this new part of life called marriage. I want to know Jesus in and out and I want him to know me too. I crave that- I need that. So the Lord will provide- I know it. He is for me and not against me. I remind myself that everyday. No matter what circumstances we are in, Jesus is there- with us. So now I stand, leaning completely on Him and Him alone. I have nothing else to turn to except Jesus and if this school situation is all for me to simply learn that that is the only thing I truly need, then I thank God for that. Please pray for a job though soon- I will go nuts sitting at home all day...

Also, here are some engagement pictures: thank you Matt Benson, I absolutely love them!

79th street

 i love my ring.
the rock where we had our first kiss...

 There are a lot more- and they are great too- some even better. Thanks again Matt- everyone should hire him bc he takes good pics and is nice to work with.


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