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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A few of my favorite things lately...

1. SNOW. I believe a few "thank-yous" are necessary...
   ** Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area, thank you for being ill-equipped to deal with the slightest bit of snow.
  ** Norfolk Public Schools, thank you for giving us FIVE snow days over the past two of weeks all at the end of the semester due to the "treacherous" roads conditions.
  ** Thank you Café Stella for being open during the worst day of the aftermath- your coffee warmed my soul and my hands.

2. Letters to friends. I am the absolute worst at staying in touch with dear friends who mean so much to me. So this year, despite my killer job I have decided I really want to stay in touch  and let my friends know I am thinking of them. So I have started writing letters and am trying to be more intentional about seeing friends I do live near.

3. A few movies I would like to recommend:
Anna Karenina
Marie Antoinette
Monsters University
Okay and this is not a movie, but How I Met Your Mother is our new show we're watching.
Also not a movie, but a mini-series on PBS, thank you BBC for  Sherlock. We love that too.

4. Scuttle Cookies. My own creation (I married a couple recipes together and decided to name them after my cat because well, we all know I am a little obsessed with him.) I'll share the recipe soon.

5. Dreaming of summer and some big things happening- like our trip to Europe. This is really exciting for us! We are hoping to hit four countries. The definite places so far are: England, Ireland, and France.

6. And here are a few things I have on my current wish list... my obsession with 18th century France will reveal itself even further with these wishes...

(Card from Rifle Paper Co., Jewelry Box from Anthro, and French movie poster of my favorite movie)


7. Scuttle was being really adorable and kitten like the other day... thank you Cail for the photos.

Happy Weekend!


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