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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


That is right. Most people already know we have been making plans to move to St. Louis for a while, and I have been meaning to share for a while but the last few months of school have been chaotic and I just have not been able to share.

So after a few years of praying and sorting out feelings from calling, Josh is officially going to attend Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis starting this August! He is going to study to become a pastor.

I am so excited! I admit when Josh first was toying with this idea a few months after we were married I was terrified and thought "Absolutely not. No way will I let this happen. I do not want that at all." However, after praying hard against it for a year, God softened my heart and I feel more ready than ever.  Josh has a passion for God, for people, and for teaching so I really think he will love this and I think he will be really good at it. I am so excited to see where God takes us for the next 3-4 years while we are in St. Louis.

Some things I am excited about:
1. Big city... I love Norfolk but St. Louis is a lot bigger and has a ton of cool stuff

2. The Zoo- one of the #1 zoos in the US. Plus in 2015 they're getting polar bears. (That sold me to St. Louis)

3. The City Museum. It is hard to explain. Not really a museum- more like a giant adult playground... just google it. Better yet, come visit and we'll go.

4. Something new. I love Norfolk, but this year has taken a huge toll on my life. Change is hard, but good. I am looking forward to the change.

5. MORE SPACE. We have lived in this little apartment for almost 3 years now and I will certainly be so sad to leave it, but I am really glad we will be living in a two bedroom, with real counter space, a little patio and porch, plus a huge basement for an office/craft room/work out space/movie arena/laundry room/storage. It's gonna be the best.

6. The possibility of seeing the Red Sox play so close to home- and in general major league baseball!

There are still a few things we have to work out (Top priority right now is me getting a job- I would love some support and prayer on this...) but overall things are falling into place and I am more excited than ever to be Josh's wife during this time.

So in short, this July marks the end of a good three years of marriage in Norfolk, and in August, you can find me in St. Louis (or St. Louie as Nelly would spell it)



  1. Ahhh!! I'm probably going to be to going to Covenant in the fall of 2015!!! Oh my goodness! This would be a DREAM to have you all there! We'll definitely have to be in touch more. SO excited for you guys!!

  2. I am not to far away in Texas! I also may be going there for a little vacation this summer! It would be so nice to see you again after all these years! So excited for y'all! Your move will be in my prayers as will the job hunt for you!


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