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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

today has been somewhat of a lazy day... i think it's is because i have been working on getting all of my addresses into one spreadsheet. blahh... but yesterday was so great. i got up and did a lot of errands and getting tasks done. i cleaned my room... like really cleaned it. i love it when my room is clean and my sheets are freshly washed. it is one of the most accomplishing feelings for me. so i worked on that almost all day and doing laundry and filling out more save the dates.... now i am just waiting on the moms to finish getting me the addresses so i can be done with those!

last night was young life club. i lead young life at grassfield high school. i love young life- it is one of the best outreach ministries i have heard of. and i am happy to serve as a leader. club went really well. numbers were low (we had 75 and usually we will have 125-175) but i try and stay away from the number game with club. i know that God is bigger than numbers. i look at the fruit of club. i met seven new girls, which compared to last semester is awesome. i looked around and saw some of my favorite girls loving on other high schoolers so well. i was so blesses in those moments. i did the skit too. which is a big deal bc i wouldnt consider myself funny by any means but danielle and i did a skit and regardless if anyone thought it was hilarious- i think it was good for club girls. katie said to me after it was funny and refreshing to see something different. i will probably not do skits often, but it is cool to see girls do it. so i hope that making a complete fool of myself brings glory to Christ and shows girls that it's okay to be goofy bc i am my beloved and my beloved is mine. hanging out after club at wendys was so good too. i have been really pushing myself to talk to new girls- or even old girls that i do not normally hang out with. it was really good and i just felt the Lord all around, and i have not felt that in a club in a long time. having daily quiet times and praying for club really helps. i know that. next week i have the club talk, so i am praying the Lord shows me what to speak. he always does of course. i ask that you would pray also.
also, the lord has really set it on my heart to pray for hickory high school. i am asking the lord for wisdom, organization, and boldness for my leader friends. i am also asking that the campaigners would have a fire set before them for passion of you and that they would realize the place they are at and to learn to be bold. i am also asking for excitement  at club.
i was reading proverbs 14 today which is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. i am asking the Lord for wisdom. i want to be wise and i will strive for it. i want to make decisions and conduct myself in a fashion with his wisdom. folly is my enemy and i do not want to waste my time, so i will seek for wisdom and to be able to speak with wisdom. that is one of my biggest prayers right now.

i was pretty stressed the past week. josh is so sweet though. i went over for dinner on saturday night- it was going to be a pretty relaxed date night i though just heat a pizza or something. but he went to the grocery store earlier and got all the ingredients to make me a dinner- all on his own. chicken parmesan. it was delicious. he set the table lit candles and we put on some oldies like my girl and unchained melody. it was adorable. then we watched a movie- you me and dupree. which is funy bc now i know why mez keeps asking for a lightning bolt best man patch. oh mezz.


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