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Friday, February 18, 2011

paper: hello all- sorry for not posting in a while- I have been working nonstop on this paper and I am so thankful it is done. I hated it. I love history but this class does not intrigue me at all I am so sad to say. the paper topic was not all that bad- but the length was ridiculous. 7 pages. i repeated myself over and over. i really pray i get a good grade. i want straight A's this semester bc i only have 2 classes, it would really upset me if i did not. so i am done with that and have some things to finish in my other class but not too much.

work: work has been weird lately. i admit i do not like it. i love the management however- and i am not typing that just in case my bosses read this... bc i do not think they even know this exists. i really do like them. they are understanding and funny. i have to sell credit cards. and i hate it. yet i try really really hard and no one ever wants one. i'm a pushover i guess. i think it is bc my heart nor my mind or my drive to do it is not in it at all. i don't want a credit card, why would someone else then? its hard. some girls sell them all the time. i do not know their secret... not sure if i even really want to. i dont like feeling like im about to put someone in debt. i know not everyone will end up, but i still cannot help but think it. praying that something opens up soon...

wedding: wedding planning has been great lately. especially with my parents- i mean i know i get impatient with them a lot... too much. but they have been great about everything, despite a mishap a few weeks ago. i have gotten some decor. i have decided on bridesmaid dresses and shoes. we are still working on suits- josh is just too busy, and i hate bugging him. he has so little spare time so hopefully we'll figure that out soon. we have finally settled on a ceremony site- not originally what i wanted but a cute little nook next to the budliegh. a little weary that its right on the street but i dont care. i know it will work out. and it will be beautiful. and outdoors-just like i wanted. surprisingly still not settled on catering- never realized the price. it is insane just to let you know. especially in a destination wedding. decor has been my favorite thing to plan. and let me tell you- its gonna be cute. really cute. my shoes are amazing. i cannot thank my parents enough. rehearsal dinner is being planned as well, so grateful to my future mother-in-law (i say mother-in-law but really, she'll just be a second mom to me) and her planning from across the world-literally. bridesmaid abodes for two days is settled and its gonna be so much fun. i am also planning a little something up my sleeve for the bridesmaids the day before- itll be so great. wow- i cannot believe i am still going on about this. i think i am bc i am going through my list of to-dos and done. so sorry, this is boring... but no one ever tells you how much it is to plan a wedding. i am not talking about cost- although i am shocked about that as well. it is so detailed- especially if you are a keen on details type of girl like me. there is so much. SO MUCH. it sometimes makes me wanna scream as y head explodes. ill never be able to write it all down. and that bugs me.
my friend asked me yesterday if it has hit me. the whole youre getting married. i have not really thought about it- i mean whether or not it has hit me. i think it has. yet again it hasnt... i am not sure when it will fully. probably as i am actually getting married... i cannot tell you how excited i am though. Mrs. Henderson. that is me... soon.

cancer free: Libby is cancer free. that is so awesome and i am so excited for the Ryders and YL Chesapeake and so grateful for her life and that God has given her a chance to live. I took her to her petscan wednesday morning- she told me what it was like, and i wanted to get sick. i hate doctor stuff. i do not know how she did it the past six months. its amazing how God has brought her through. we talked about the the beginning. how she wasnt there at leadership and the night before she went to the doctors josh and i babysat while they went to the john mayor (sp check?- also libby said the concert sucked.) and how the tuesday after they had gone to the doctors and everything started that i came over last minute to babysit. and that is when they told me. i cried a lot. then they came home and libby talked about how excited she is to move to the river house and how she was gonna fight it. and she did. you did libby. and im so excited for you.

well- i am off to commitee/leader weekend soon! can not wait!!

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