rough week.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i really do not have much to say write now- i am in the university library (which is under major construction so its loud and cold in here plus there are maybe two outlet in this entire place. really odu? you couldnt have at least used my tuition money for that?) i am supposed to be working on the loads and loads of homework i have to do, but instead i will be my usual procrastinating self and blog. so here i am blogging. my fingers are frigid. Josh and I were supposed to finish registering this past sunday. i was going to so excited to post about it and how much fun it was. instead i had to work at my new job- New York & Company. its a clothing store. so big thanks to God that i found a job, but i guess that it can only mean i have to start giving up lots of things. I hate hate hate working Sundays- it's the absolute worst I think, but i knew if I didn't open up my availability, I would not get a job.

So yesterday (thursday) was my first official day at work on the sales floor. I was not feeling so great before and did not eat lunch. This is a recipe for disaster for me- no lunch, high heels, bright lights, and running around finding sizes. But it was an on-call shift and they only needed me from 3-5 so I figured it would be fine. At 4 o'clock the hunger set in. As time progressed I felt worse and worse- then I looked in the mirror and I was flushed. I had to push through- I can't lose this job. Well I finally told my manager I felt awful like I was going to pass out. I went to the back room and threw up. Perfect. Oh joy. So my brother picked me up and drove me home. I got sick a couple more times and finally forced myself to eat some chicken noodle soup. I do not know what it was- a virus maybe? Or it could have been all those factors into one. Anyways- my managers were really cool about it so I am thankful for that. Josh came over when he got out of class and took care of me- got me water and made sure I was okay. It was really sweet- I appreciate that more than he knows because I know he has stress levels past his ears this week with the school work he has. I have a ton too. This week has been stocked and loaded with school work for us. I didn't do any of it like I planned last night. I got my test scores for microecon back last night and seriously wanted to cry but i was too angry to. I studied my eyes off for this test because of my last grade and thought I did well. I only got 3 points higher than the last. This class is literally KILLING me. I am not giving up yet- i will get a tutor, put the next 300 test bank questions on flash cards and drill, and make an A on my project. I am determined because I would die if I had to take this again.

Next week will hopefully be a bit of a break for us. Josh's mom is coming over from Belgium for Thanksgiving and were going up for a few days- plus his sister is having her first baby! So we are hoping it come just in time for us to be there! We are super excited about that! Hopefully we can rest up and take our minds off of stuff for a bit.


  1. Ally! I love your blogs, just figured out you had this. I caught on Libby's blog yesterday and so now I read through yours. It's like having she-ville without having to be in the same place. :-) So do you guys have a date?? I just need to know so I can put it on my calender. ;-) I love you and miss you! I hope your job has gotten better since your first day on the floor. fb me back!

  2. Praying for you sweet you so so so much!!


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