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Saturday, November 27, 2010

this week was Thanksgiving. i am not usually a huge fan of it to be honest. i don't really like turkey (although i have found it's bc i always take the white meat, which i hate.) i mean, i have always loved being with my family and eating my moms dinner, shes a good cook. both my parents were in the Navy so ive lived here almost my whole life and consequently, my family has never lived close by so we never visit family for the holidays. that always made me sad bc i love my family. i remember when i was younger we would visit my Gramma's lake house in the summer. my uncles and my dad would always be drinking beer- which is why i love the smell of beer. my uncle randy- i dont think he was really my uncle, but he would always take us kids tubing. we would wash our hair in the lake (sorry environment.) and we would go fishing off the dock. it was my absolute favorite. but that was summer and not thanksgiving, so it has never been extra special. but this year, i got to go visit family. my new family. joshs family. we laughed and made jokes at Emma and how she is never gonna come out (Emma is Josh's first niece) and ate yummy dinner. it was the first year i actually liked the dark meat turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes! Josh's mom was over from Belgium and his sister Kait came up from Atlanta. so we were missing Steven and Mr. Mike (Josh's dad... i think i am supposed to start calling him Mike.... weird) but it was still really fun. one of my favorite thanksgivings for sure. we played buzz word and Josh's mom knew almost every answer, leaving Kaitlin Josh and I to lose miserably. but our team was fun, because Kait would laugh uncontrollably and could not talk and it was really funny to hear her try. Josh would get really hyped up and sound angry when he really wasn't. and i would do the same ("its Babe.") and Jessica and Robbie know it but they totally won because they got easier cards... like butter? come on. we all laughed really hard and i think the Henderson clan (Brooke and Searcy included) saw a different side of me that night, and i did of them too. Joshs mom fell out of the chair laughing numerous times. we will for sure have a re-match when the others come to town! (Steven- gear up.) After the game, Kait Josh and I , in our defeat perhaps, watched Robin Hood. (the one with Russel Crow- whom i have a new-found love for.) he has a way of making the movie a love story but it's just a side story. not the main plot which i like a lot bc it adds depth to the movie. He is also just a really god actor. I loved that movie- and i love watching movies in general. only at home though.... its too much in a theater and not as comfortable. it was definitely short lived, we had to leave on friday so i could get to work at 4:30. it wasnt as busy as it could have been, but it was good. i raked in some hours. i just can't wait to go back and spend an early Christmas with them and of course meet Emma!!

also- school work? what school work? i took a long break.... 3 more weeks- you can do it Al.
date night tonight- i cannot wait.

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