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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So not be dramatic or anything, but Monday was probably one of the most stressful and worst days of my life. Here's the scoop.

It started when I woke up at 5:15am. (I mean does it ever look like it's going to be a bright & sunshiny day at that wake-up hour?)

I felt awful- head cold, congested, chest tight, head ache kind of thing. Now in normal people job that usually means a sick day. But for teachers there is so much prep work involved in trying to get a sub and then ensure the plans are all there etc. It is kind of a headache. Plus I had just spent the previous day slaving over my lesson prep for that day. So I mustered up some energy and drudged along to the school.

The moment we walked upstairs it began to get hotter and hotter and hotter. And then continuing on to our classrooms it got even hotter. I opened my door and BAM!- a waft of hot stagnate air hit me.

The heat had been turned on from last weeks shiver-fest in Virginia, but never got turned off for the heat-up over the weekend. Consequently, when the temperatures were in the upper 60's & 70's over the weekend, our rooms got no ventilation.

I should also note that our rooms have no windows (the 1970's was just not a good decade for building well... anything really) 

So now I was (still am) sick and had to stay in the hot, hot, humid room all day.

Then the students came in, and it was every 10 seconds "it's hot." "it's too hot in here." "I can't concentrate." Many of my students could not stand it that they just up and walked out. You could say my stress levels were... high to quite high/out the roof, over the bay, and into the depths of the state above us.

It was a nightmare. And it was real. My patience was tested and I surely failed- tremendously. I got angry with my students. I do not know why I am so ashamed to type that on here. But let's just say a whole new Mrs. Henderson came out and looking back, I hated her.

After some refelction on the day and some good sleep Monday night, I went to school Tuesday and tried to be the Mrs. Henderson I wanted to be and was overly aware of my demeanor to the students and tried to push through the day. However, during the last block of the day when my voice had quickly deteriorated into a wimpy rasp, I knew I should probably plan for a break Wednesday.

So I am at home coughing, blowing my nose, drinking hot tea, taking medicine and trying to fight this thing before it gets worse.

Although I cannot stop thinking about how my students are doing- If the sub is competent or not. How I am going to play catch up when I get back. Just goes to show, no matter how mad the make me, I really do love my students- even the times I want to scream at them and when they drive me to be a mad woman.

Oh the life of a teacher.

Also, here's a little sneak peak of the Booker T. Washington yearbook... The best part?
We'll be right next to each other. Just like our rooms. Just like our life.


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