confession: dinner.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So I have about 100 times more respect for working moms (& dads!) than I ever have before. With my experience so far, I cannot comprehend how I would be able to have a family and do this. Now I know I am a first year teacher and that is a ton of work in and of itself, and I know it will "get easier as time goes on." Even still, it just seems insane to me that some women actually do it.

I have a lot more respect for my working mom for a specific reason: DINNER.

My mom is the bomb at cooking. She always made meals for us growing up- and she was juggling a full time job in the Navy.

Confession... I have made a real dinner twice since school has started.  [insert gasps & dirty stares]

Now we still have our freezer meals we make but we have been eating out A TON for the past two months.  Every day I keep telling myself that "I WILL make dinner tonight... yup, tonight is the night. Dinner on the table will happen." Then life hits me like a ton of bricks  ungraded papers, data binders, power-points, lesson plans, jammed copiers, oh the list goes on & you get the point. When all that stuff hits me, and it is all of a sudden 6:30, 7, 8:30... I do not have the energy or patience to make a meal. All I want to do is eat and call it a night.

This has really been beating me down lately. I feel like I am stretched so thin- I want to be good teacher but there is all this extra "stuff" absorbing my time, I want to be a good friend & sister & daughter & wife & cook but I am consumed with work 24/7.

I have to figure out a system. We really only need two meal-makings a week since we have left overs for days usually. The crock-pot is surprisingly not very useful in our home because we leave at 6 am and do not get back until late.

Meanwhile, I will continue to try and juggle it all and balance everything... it may just take a little while until I get this thing down to a science... until then? Chipotle, Panera, Jersey Mikes, frozen chicken nuggets, here we come.

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