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Friday, October 18, 2013

Things have been busy around the Hendy household for the past two months. (note: that was an understatement... we've actually been the most busy a person can be.) With school started up, we are knee deep  underwater in work. It certainly has been a crazy start-up to our fiscal year.

To catch you all up, Josh & I are both teaching at the same high school this year. We work in the same department. In fact, we have rooms right next to each other. [insert a resounding "awwww"] I know, I know; adorable. It has actually been awesome to work so close to him, but we'll save that for another post. After all, we are just playing catch up.

The school we work at is tough. (yet again, a severe understatement.) It's ranked one of the "worst" in VA. But I do not like thinking of it that way- otherwise my day year is ruined. It is all about outlook. I prefer to view the high school as one of the biggest projects for VA public school. With endless paperwork, a tough student population, and logistical teaching "stuff," I am constantly writing sticky-note after sticky-note of how I need to play catch-up on work. And yet no matter how much I scratch off of my to-do list, there are always things being added. It can sometimes (mostly) feel like a daunting task. I still sometimes question myself on whether or not this is actually feasible for little ol' me. But we keep pushing through.

That is really all I have right now to catch you up on... It has been a crazy two months. And I forsee my future to be pretty insane until June 17.

More to come. Hope you enjoy the new design & look. Hoping to blog a lot about this year, DIYs, teaching, life, & cats- I want to document this crazy season because I often find in the business of it all, I forget to slow down & reflect.


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  1. hey ally! love the update & glad to see you blogging again. xo


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