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Saturday, October 26, 2013

One thing you should know about me: I love cats. I always have, and always will. No one will ever convince me that there is a more suitable pet for all different lifestyles. Now before you go hating on cats, know that I also like dogs. Just not nearly as much as I like cats.

I will save my dog v. cat argument for another post but this fine Caturday, I would like to show you some of my favorite cat items I have stumbled upon via the internet.

enjoy & happy Caturday.

1. I included this little gem of a shirt because one of my favorite things are cats & one of my husbands favorite things is beer. Although I would never wear buy this, I thought it was pretty funny. Buy Here.

2. I found these super cute cards flapperdoodle, an Etsy shop that you can download some super cute cards for almost anything you can think of. I used her design for some bachlorette invites this summer & I absolutely loved how they turned out! These little cat cards are the perfect way to say hello- from both Scuttle & myself!

3. I have been swooning over two cat cases for my iPhone- I love the colors on this one, it is bold yet suttle all at once.

4. Confession: I actually own a pet food mat made by Diggity Dawg  and I love it! I was looking at her site and noticed this mustard yellow one and could not help but think how cute it would look in my home full of mustard yellow [side note: yellow is my favorite color, I do not wear it often because it washes me out, but I LOVE decorating with it!] Anyways, these pet food mats are great for kitties that like to splash in their water (*cough*cough*Scuttle!) They are wipeable and look super cute!

5. These little cat buttons are just adorable... I own a couple cat buttons that currently adorn my winter coat and I love adding a little flare to my wardrobe!

6. Currently, I cannot decide which cat shirt to get... this one by BurgerAndFriends is so catchy...

7.... But this one is just too funny...

8. Yet another cat iPhone case I just can't help but love... I mean the cat is the spitting image of Scuttle. Plus I love the artists inspiration for the design.

9. How cute would this ring look on my skinny, bony finger?

10. Last, but certainly not least, these little girls tights are just too much for me to handle. I mean come on, if I had a little girl I would order them in every size so she would have them continually as she grows.


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