my (almost) one year hiatus

Monday, May 13, 2013

One of my good best friends ally (shout out to her and dan on their engagement!) asked me what happened... why don't I blog anymore. I have heard this a lot this past year actually. My answer? I kept saying "I know, I know..." and honestly there is no excuse (Well this past spring semester I was student teaching and that was just crazy town working 60+ hours a week) 

But I do not really know what started the lingering silence on this blog. To be honest, I have not been really "talkative" the past year, not only on this blog, but in life in general. But I have realized how detrimental that has been for myself and my life.  So I have been slowly trying to break that silence in my life and this is a big step. More on the detrimental part when I figure it out for myself...

So for now let's play catch up, shall we? just a few "big" moments from the past year...

1. We got a kitten. Oh man, oh man. On July 24, 2011 I was not sure the day would ever come but Josh agreed and we got King Henry Scuttle Henderson IX. A little excessive on the name? Why yes. but if you know me, you know that I love cats. It took a while for Josh to like him but it happened. We are both smitten with Scuttle and he brings us a lot of joy... and anger... but mostly joy. 

2. I started and finished student teaching. It was hard. I cried. I laughed. I graded, graded, and graded. Man it made me want to go hug all my teachers from grade school. Teaching is really hard and there is so much time and effort put into it. Please let's all be aware that teachers really do put forth so much time and get so little in return. I am so thankful I was placed with such a wonderful mentor teacher. 

I am hoping that the getting on the nerves thing about learning means I was doing my job... 

3. I graduated from college! After a dramatic 20 minute walk/run around the Ted Constant Center Friday night asking everyone & anyone where I was supposed to be (a question in which no one seemed to know the answer to), a minor melt down that is was 6:10 and I needed to be in line by 6:15 (where that line was, was what I could not figure out), I found two hooligans running late themselves and I joined them on the long trek across campus to the Webb Center. Whew my feet were BURN-ING! I put on my really attractive gown (I am fairly certain 10 Ally's could fit inside), walked across the University seal whilst walking back to the Ted, turned my tassel, walked across the stage, and I graduated! I am so thankful my family was there to see this monumental moment in my life. 

(I got some photos done my Daytona to put in a scrapbook for my parents- it was a big deal for me to graduate because I am the first of their three children!)

Now what? Well Josh and I are going to take the summer off to relax and just be together. We are excited for a trip to New England and to visit with family and to just be home together with no worries to plan lessons or grade papers... at least not until September. Praying God will open and close doors for me this upcoming year. 

Thanks for reading... more to come. I promise.


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