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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought of was what I needed to do today.

Then it hit me... I have absolutely nothing to do today.

side note: Then I noticed Scuttle cuddled up intertwined with his red fish on a string... and it made me giggle. 

 Last week was my fist official week off before graduation but between two bridal showers (one of which I was hosting), graduation, and finishing up those logistics, I had a million and one errands to run.

This week is different.
I am bored.

My only plans are helping plan a few things for my friends upcoming wedding in June and a beach day with a few of my favorite people on Wednesday.

So this week, I decided would be a good time to nail down some of our summer vacation details. We decided last summer/fall that we wanted to take a trip to the NorthEast and we like cities a lot so we are going to do a little tour.

We are so beyond excited for this mid-summer excursion! We do not have much of an agenda, but the cities we are visting will prove to be thrilling I am sure. NYC, Boston, & Montreal, Canada, here we come!

Yesterday I decided to write down some things to do over the summer to help cure my boredom.... I am open to suggestions (please?)

1. Running/Ballet. I had a weid visit to the dentist yesterday that involved me fainting. If anything it just proved to me that I need to start taking care of myself. So I am going to start a running regimen and ballet work out. (i would LOVE some suggestions on how to go about doing this... I hate running.)

2. Craft. I have not been able to craft in so long so this summer is the summer of crafts.

3. Take Scuttle for walks. Josh laughed at me when he saw this on the list.... and maybe it is lame/weird/hysterical or whatever but I want him to get used to the outdoors.

4. I joined a French conversation group! I am nervous about this but I am SO rusty on my French and I do not want it to fade.

5. SEW. I have sewn before, but I want to continue working on my skills. So Josh's grandmother (a former wedding gown seamstress  is going to give me a few lessons and then I am just gonna take a stab at it. She also gave me an old sewing machine table so now I have two!

6. Build/Re-finish some furniture. Josh and I are going to work on this together. I cannot wait to spruce up the home with a few new pieces!

I am sure this summer will be filled with joy, laughter, & heat.
Any summer plans for you?


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  1. Ally, I'm glad you're back, I always loved reading your blog :) I got super super close to fainting at the dentist one time too! It was after they gave me my Novacaine shots for getting a cavity filled and made me get up and go have some x-rays down the hall. A few moments later I was laying on the floor almost goners with like 5 people hovered over me. haha I've realized several years later that I have a reaction to Novacaine that makes my heart race and if I'm not lying down I'll pass out! Anyway that's my embarrassing dentist story...your summer adventures sound exciting! :)


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