one year!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

well it is official. as of last tuesday josh and i have been married for one year!!! we celebrated this day at a young life camp- loving high schoolers & sharing the gospel. it was not ideal no, but it was still a good day. lets start with camp as a whole:

my high school girls were sweet- i tubed with miranda. to be clear i do not tube... dont get me wrong i love the thrills but i have back issues. so sweet mir let us go pretty slow. the whole week was great- camp is always different. it always holds new treasures. this year i had a bunch of seniors in my cabin- along with some ragtag other girls. it was great- all 22 of us in one cabin. 8 beds on the floor. crazy. sara cross led in my cabin- thank goodness for 2 leaders. the girls were crazy. they were all in very different places in terms of their relationship with God. but for the most part they were all honest. and cared for one another. and had deep questions. the seniors especially were considering life- and what it means to live life to the full. it was great. i loved being with miranda. "my first yl girl." it makes me tear up thinking how far we have been together. she is literally the most mature high schooler ive ever seen. she loves the Lord. she loves her friends. oh and how i love her. shell be off the VT this year and she will do amazing things. i know it. absolutely no doubts. excited to visit her and some other girls in the fall.

camp. all that matters is that God did the work. not me. and that is what i trust in.

anniversary. like i said not ideal to spend it at camp. but we met at 4 to be with each other and look at some pictures of our wedding together. to just relax and be with each other even if it was only for a bit. we even headed over to the snack bar for some anniversary treats courtesy of Will Cox. josh enjoyed is mega mocha cookie milkshake. and i always love a good fountain coke with a warm chocolate chip cookie. i felt loved that day. by the other leaders. by my high school girls. even sloop & fetz (program team) mentioned it in their skit that night. everyone sang happy anniversary to us at dinner. we weren't forgotten. thank you everyone for making it a special day.

as for josh & i- we are headed out tomorrow. josh surprised me with a little overnight trip to manteo. we will be staying at the burruss house inn where we spent last july 24th at. what a sweet husband i have. i feel so very loved. cant wait for our time together to relax and just be. currently, i am a little sick- sore throat and such. but nothing will stop this mini-moon to be anything but wonderful.


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