nous sommes fini.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"we are finished." school that is. well josh is for real finished- i am so proud of my college graduate. and so proud especially for applying to a million different school districts and looking for job opportunities anywhere and everywhere. he is so responsible. and that makes me swell inside knowing how blessed i am for his hard work ethic.

so far i have straight As, but i must have rubbed off too much on two of my professors because they have procrastinated on posting final grades. i suppose i am not allowed to complain because i procrastinate too. [sigh.]

okay well, we are leaving tomorrow. for Bruxelles, Belgique. brussels that is. i am excited/nervous/in a daze/ going crazy because i feel like i should have more to do. but i think we are ready. bags (almost) packed. errands done. i will be gone for a while but maybe will have some spare time to blog. who knows though.

we do not have much of an itinerary but on the list for sure is: Paris, Bruges, Brussels.

i cant really believe this is happening. i have ALWAYS wanted to go to europe and speak french and by baguettes from la boulangerie and now i have been given that opportunity and i feel so very blessed. i am excited to see my new parents and see the world and take pictures and be with josh. i am super excited to practice my french too. i am much better after this semester- i had a brilliant professor. learned beaucoup. i find myself translating things i say or people say into french. but in no way am i fluent but i think we will get by easily! (i hope!)

mes amis, à bientôt! maintenant, il faut necessairé que j'aille et emballer.
(my friends, see you soon! i must go and pack now.)


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